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ADHD -  I have seen improvements in children with ADHD symptoms, such as restlessness, hyperactivity, lack of concentration. Since adjustments balance out the nerve flow in the body we believe the balance restores the body to a healthy, natural composition.


Allergies -  As with ADHD, while the causes of allergies may be wide, the enhanced circulation within and nerve flow experienced after chiropractic adjustments balances he body (so immunological responses  such as allergies are less likely) in other words helps reduce the intensity of allergic reactions to your natural environment.


Asthma - There are many factors contributing to asthma such as genetic or environmental. I have been amazed when kids or adults get off their inhalers or meds or need them far less often.  I have witnessed this after I have adjusted the nerves to the lungs.


Auto Accidents - Auto collisions can cause immense permanent damage to the spine without pain or symptoms even if your accident is minor. By gently correcting the spine back into alignment your long-term repercussions of an auto-accident can be dramatically reduced and even eliminated.   


Back Pain -

We specialize in back pain.  Back pain can result from misalignments in the vertebrae, pulled muscles, repetitive actions, poor posture. Our bodies were designed for movement but in today's world we tend to move less, hold very static positions, either driving or sitting at a computer, or couch. Correcting subluxations in the vertebrae can give you phenomenal relief.  If you want long term health, movement is your goal: exercising, stretching and opening the spaces between the vertebrae so that the spine is alive with movement and flexibility.


If this spine health is lost vertebrae can fuse and surgery becomes a scary choice.  Most people who have undergone surgery are not happy with the result whereas chiropractic patients are usually very healthy and happy.


Bedwetting or Incontinence - This can be helped by balancing the nervous system and by reestablishing the nerve flow to the bladder and lower organs of the body. You want to catch this problem early in its onset.


Carpal Tunnel - This is just one of the painful symptoms that can result from reptitive use of the hands, arms and thumbs. Carpal tunnel is just one type of repetitive stress injury (the one people are most familiar with). Many people undergo surgery for carpal tunnel instead of finding ways to correct the problem.


First, if any part of your body starts hurting on the job, have an ergonomic evaluation immediately. It is less expensive for your employer to improve your work-station than it is for them to incur the Worker's Comp costs.


Second, I have had immense success with adjustments to the hands. You have many joints in the hands and they can be adjusted. Furthermore, the nerves that flow from the neck down the arms can find many places to get pinched as they travel through your shoulder and down your arm. 


Finally, it is critical that you find a work-station set up that does not hurt you! There are many tools and tricks available and the longer you endure the pain, the more long-lasting that pain will become. Find more on this on our Ergonomics  page.


Children and Infants - Children and babies have the most to benefit from chiropractic. Not only are they the easiest to adjust, but the adjustments make a difference for the rest of their lives. Even in babies, the spine can experience major subluxations, either from the birthing process or from tumbles and falls. By correcting these misalignments and opening up the nerve flow from an early age immense improvements in functioning have been recorded. Increased attention spans, reduction in colic, increased school or athletic performance, reduced tantrums, and corrections of scoliosis are just some of the results I have seen in the numerous children I have helped.


One woman brought in her 3 year old daughter who had been to the E.R. for seizers.  We adjusted her twice and the seizures went away.


Ear Infections - As we know children are very suseptible to ear infections. I've known children who have had to use the "tubes" for years. However, with the 100's of children I've seen that were very prone to ear-aches, among other regular sicknesses, their tendency to get sick reduced by over 60% in most cases.

Headaches - One of the worst, recurring ailments for adults these days, I rarely meet a headache I cannot help. I have cured literally for thousands of headaches. The number one cause of headaches is misalignment of the upper cervical (top of the spine).  The number two cause is tension which is related to misalignment. Number three cause is dehydration.  If you have a headache imaging yourself walking out of my office with no headache with your head getting what it needs to feel good again!

Neck Pain - Very similar to back pain, this is one of our most common complaints. The cervical spine can suffer many types of subluxations. Frequently, it can lose its curve, due to the amount of "looking down" we now do in our techno-driven lives. Once your spine loses its curve (as I see with over 50% of the patients I serve), the discs start to compress and this can be extremely painful. While I have seen discs regenerate with regular chiropractic care, certain levels of degeneration may be irrecoverable. However, I can usually restore a patient "functional" health, keeping one from surgery or constant pain. 

Neck or Back Abnormal Spine Curve 

If your spine has lost its curve, but the vertebrae still have significant disc space between them, by working together, we can usually bring you back to a "normal" curvature.  This curvature can very well extend the length and quality of your life.

Pinched Nerves - Caused by a joint that is pressing on the nerve, or sometimes by a bulging disc, herniated disc, or tight muscles, chiropractic can offer immediate relief or improvement by adjusting the joint to release the pinch. It is also critical that we start working with a herniated or bulging disc as quickly as it 

Menstual Pains or Menopause - Chiropractic can have a profound effect on these issues by balancing the nerve flow in the central nervous system. 
~There was a young woman of 19 who could not get out of bed for a week to ten days each month.  She could not keep a job or sustain her life in any happy way. She was adjusted for 3 months and she is  a bank manager now with little or no issue.
Pregnancy - It is easy to imagine how carrying a baby puts immense pressure on the spine. A woman can be adjusted up to about the 7th month of pregnancy. This can reduce serious symptoms as well as help keep the mother healthy for her birth.

Sciatica - Sciatica is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve - the largest and longest nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve runs from your sacrum - that diamond shaped bone at the bottom of your spine on which the tail bone sits. The sciatic nerve runs thru holes in that bone down both legs. It can be almost a quarter size round!


The nerve can get pinched in many places from the sacrum, thru the gluteus maximus and on down the leg. This can result in extreme numbness, tingling, weakness, and/or a burning or stabbing pain, extending down the leg.

Adjustments to the low-back and sacral-iliac joint can take the pressure off the sciatic nerve


Decompression therapy, flexion distraction techniques and regular adjustments and exercises can give patients the tools they need to keep the problem in check.

Scoliosis - Named for the sideways curvature in the spine, this condition can cause major postural problems, deformities, difficulty walking and in the extreme difficulty breathing. If allowed to advance it can interfer with major organs such as the heart and lungs. If addressed early on scoliosis can be corrected, I have seen numerous patients fully recover from scoliosis. Scoliosis can interfer with a child's ability to play sports or succeed in school. It is most common in girls aged 8-18.
Slipped Disc - The vertebral disc is the specific cartilage between the vertebrae. When healthy the vertebrae can offer the body full movement, twisting, turning, bending and lifting. Undue pressure to the spine, from a car accident, lifting a heavy object, or simply sitting the same position for years can cause the disc to start to deteriorate. A herniation, protrusion (the disc bulging where it is weakest), or prolapse can occur, the latter causing extreme pain. Chiropractic has proven to be the most effective for addressing these kinds of disc problems.
Stress - A part of life none of us is free from, you don't have to let it become debilitating. If you keep wondering, "How can I just let it go for a little while?" chiropractic is the place for you. Not only do you simply feel better - after the body experiences true releases, but you will be able to mentally and emotionally cope better as well. Imagine your heart and mind being on overdrive in a "I got this!" kinda' way. That is what chiropractic at the Pain Relief Clinic can offer you.
Wellness - Why wait to get sick to take control of your wellness? Our health is one of the biggest things we take for granted, until we lose it. With spinal subluxations or deteriorations, we frequently are not aware of problems until they escalate. Only 4% of the nerve refers pain, so while your cervical spine may have lost much of its curve, and perhaps you are having trouble sleeping, focusing or exhibiting other subtle problems, you may not have any idea that some of the most important joints in your body are getting worn out. When these joints do finally reveal the extent of the problems you will frequently wish you had known long ago so that the problem wouldn't have progressed so far.
Whiplash It can happen from a motor vehicle accident or many other causes.  It is particularly devastating if you are not facing straight ahead. The sudden tossing of the head backwards and forwards pulls on the vertebrae at unexpected velocity. This can result in headaches, neck pain, blurred vision and fatigue. Trauma from a whiplash is most easily corrected if diagnosis and care is early.  In other words DON’T WAIT.  Sometimes there is even no pain, but you still may be damaged.  The threat of lasting damage is lurking from whiplash.


It is critical to have a chiropractor look at you right away after whiplash as we are the best trained to handle this. Many scientific studies explain that proper alignment- the necessary bio-mechanical advantage of your body is crucial for continued ongoing health. 



Looking for help with one of these issues? Or a different kind of injury?


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