Whether you're a yoga buff, pilates devotee, bicyclist, hiker, or casual stroller - make sure you are moving every day!


The spine and joints thrive on movement. The body naturally wants to bring itself back to rightness and movement is what it was built for.


Exercises that focus on bringing equilibrium back to the muscles on each side of the spine are enormously helpful.  Pilates helps to strengthen the inner muscles that support the spine. Yoga helps to keep the muscles and joints limber and has been shown to aid in the correction of misaligned vertebrae. From simple motions to extended exercises we will help you to create a plan that works for your lifestyle and will help you reach your optimum health sooner.



You may be thinking, "What does nutrition have to do with whether my back feels good?"


The body works in miraculous deeply connected ways. Healthy cells are able to repair themselves. If you are working to revive circulation throughout the body by opening up the nerve flow, why counteract that work with foods that hinder circulation and detract from a healthy immune system? 



Ergonomics are becoming ever more important as the number of hand-held digital devices increase exponentially.


One of the most common spinal issues I see is the neck curvature completely lost by many young people. The cervical (neck) spine should have an inward curve. This natural curve allows for all the nerves to the brain and down through the body to function correctly. As nerves start to get pinched in even miniscule, imperceptible ways optimal functioning can become compromised. From sleeplessness to "foggy brain", early aging, headaches, repetitive stress conditions and more, losing the curvature in your spine due to looking down at laptops and smart phones is a condition with growing insidiousness.