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What problems do people see chiropractors for?



Chiropractic is for children, athletes, professionals, yoga teachers, mothers, fathers, the elderly and anyone suffering from minor or major muscular pains. Chiropractic adjustments help with debilitating diseases, repetitive stress injuries or just regular aches & pains.


Chiropractic can also help the knees, legs & feet, the arms, hands and shoulders as well as the back and neck!

Returning to functional and beyond


Have you had to cut back on work or change careers completely because of work-related injuries?


Did you come to believe that you have to "just live with it" whether "it" is a recurring migraine, low-back ache, or constant neck tension?


Some of my clients thought they would never be able to perform computer work again. Others have had migraines or insomnia for years.


It is my goal that not only are my clients able to recover from these disorders, but that they are able to take back their lives and begin to thrive.


Our "Who We Help" Chart lists common symptoms that I treat every day.


Athletes & High Performers



It is common to think that those in "great shape" don't have musculoskeletal disorders and that those with aches and pains don't exercise.


However, I have helped a motorcross cyclist get back into racing, a number of yoga instructors who needed to supplement their exercises with chiropractic and top triathletes who needed back, foot and leg adjustments.


Who We Help

scoliosis, growing pains



Children have some of the most inspiring recovery stories. Because they are still growing they respond very readily to chiropractic care.


Not only can we correct scoliosis if we catch it early enough but there are many other conditions in children chiropractic can help such as:


ADHD, bedwetting, colic, upper respiratory problems, chronic illnesses, such as ear aches, scoliosis and more.


Curious about other symptoms? Check the Who We Help Chart.

aging, fibromyalgia, back pain

Chiropractic can help you grow without aches and pains


Growing older doesn't have to be painful!


I meet so many people who are getting older and think that pain is just a normal part of everyday life. But it doesn't have to be. I have kept people from hip and knee replacements, walkers, inability to use their hands and more.


Do you think you are experiencing "just getting older" pains? Check out our Who We Help Chart.

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