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The New Patient Process





When becoming a new patient you will schedule two appointments:


1) The Intake: A thorough examination of your physical well-being/level of pain and your history of symptoms will be documented.



2) Report of Findings: After the examination we will set some time aside for us to go over what we found, and what your options are. This is usually the next day, or in some rare cases later that day - because I need to study the results over night.


Depending on your short and long term goals, you will determine the treatment plan that is right for you.


Insurance: The Pain Relief Clinic can accept many different insurance plans. Please bring your insurance card to the first visit and we will determine what the benefits are.


Dr. Joseph works to establish payments plans that accommodate clients from all different income levels.



3) Orientation - As a new patient you will be asked to attend a "New Patient Orientation" which occur on Tuesday night. The orientation will walk you through the Seven Steps to Health and help you to make the most of the chiropractic treatments.

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