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Michael Joseph Chiropractic method


Transforming People's Lives

Dr. Joseph cares about people in a way that is rarely seen in today's world.


Dr. Joseph has helped thousands of people who would have had to undergo surgeries, hopitalization, cortison shots or other heavy medications. Most are extremely relieved to find that there is a natural cure at their fingertips.


When he takes on a patient he takes on the whole person. He works with their physical ailments while looking at their lifestyle, state of mind and habituated patterns to help create a sustainable change in their health. These are some of the ways he makes extraordinary results happen.


A little more about the Pain Relief Clinic:


  1. Most advanced and carefully researched chiropractic techniques.

  2. Dr. Joseph has a wide range of skills and modalities that he draws from to create the right type of chiropractic care for you.

  3. Primary techniques: hands-on adjustments, physical therapy mobilization exercises (PNF).

  4. The intensity of adjustments are designed for your needs.

  5. Seven-step health education program to make your adjustments last longer.

  6. Thorough evaluation process.

  7. Advanced digital imagery.

  8. Advanced NASA/AMES computerized spine and nervous system evaluation.

  9. Personalized service.

  10. No one accepted as a patient unless we can help.

  11. We track your improvements to make sure they happen.

  12. People who are new to chiropractic are often given graduated programs that start gently.

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