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A Chiropractic office that truly cares about every single patient.

Why Dr. Joseph?


Dr. Joseph has been practicing chiropractic for over 28 years. But it's not his years that make his work stand out. It's his stories of amazing results.


  • Jeffery Perry found himself dying of terminal liver lymphoma with no hope in sight until he visited Dr. Joseph. Today he is thriving, back to work and happily married.


  • An 8-year old boy was suffering from scoliosis. He could not be active in sports and his academics were lackluster. After seeing Dr. Joseph for a couple of months he was able to start playing sports and his grades sky rocketed!


  • Wendy hadn't walked without her brace in years, because of the severe foot drop. Dr. Joseph started adjusting her feet and the nerves of her feet in her lower back while recommending very gentle stretches. Today she can walk without her brace.


These are just some stories that exemplify the level of results you should aim for wih Dr. Joseph. Dr. J works to identify the roots of the problem, applies his years of specialized training in chiropractic release and his commitment to finding the right blend of therapies for each unique individual in order to achieve ultimate healing. In other words  he  can help most people most of the time, even if  you think you can not be helped.


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Clinic and New Patient Process


When becoming a new patient you will first schedule your detailed  history and intake.


1) The Intake: A thorough examination of your physical state and your health history.


(One of our patients said that our office is like a NASA Control Center compared to a Lego play set like other doctor's offices. When you come in you will see what I mean.)


2) Report of Findings: After the examination we will set some time aside for us to go over what we found, and what your options are. This is usually the next day, or sometimes later that day, because I need to study the results before your consultation.



Dr. Michael Perry Joseph. Chiropractor trained at Western States Chiropractic University in Portland, OR. He has been practicing chiropractic in Marin for over 28 years with thousands of satisfied clients.






Michelle is the Office Manager and Chiropractic Assistant. She will assist with your Intake, Report of Findings, schedule your follow-up appointments and generally ensure that you always have the best experience at Dr. Joseph's office.







Patricia is the Community Outreach Coordinator and a Chiropractic Assistant. You might have met her at a local festival. She will be helping Michelle in portions of the intake process.


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