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Problems that can occur in a developing body:


1. Playing injuries
2. Chronic poor posture
3. Sports injuries
4. Studying in awkward positions and other postural issues. 
5. Carrying book bags, and other heavy objects.



Chiropractic for children


"I witnessed my 12 year old son's spinal curvature corrected before my very eyes".


One of the most important applications of chiropractic is for children.


· Children may get into all kinds of situations that are difficult for their young bodies to adapt to properly.

· Children may have undiagnosed misalignments.


· These misalignments can come from an assortment of minor injuries related to what is usually considered normal behavior for children: poor posture, playing or sitting. 


· These misalignments may not be treated properly because the child appears to be so resilient that the effects of the misalignment can seem to disappear.


· One of my patients fell when she was 13 and landed on her head and neck.She didn't display pain symptoms so she was untreated until age 21. Thus, there was excess scar tissue in the musculature and an abnormal cervical curve. This patient has had chronic headaches and neck pain. Although I can still treat this condition, she would have had a much easier time if she had been treated right after the fall.


· Many of our patients who are children have reported an increase in flexibility, back strength, and stamina. Many also report a major increase in wellness. They reported being sick less often and with less severity.

Childhood misalignments can result in back pain or other problems as an adult. To correct an issue at age 4 may take only a few visits. Many more visits will be necessary if the issue isn't addressed until many years later. 

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