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I can walk without a brace!


Wendy had polio at 18 months old. She wore the traditional leg brace so her right foot and lower leg atrophied.


The last few years she had worn a lower leg calf and foot brace, so there was atrophy still. She had foot drop and could not move her foot or her toes.


Wendy started seeing me almost 5 years ago. We started work gently with foot, leg, knee and back adjustments. I worked with Wendy around types of exercises that she could do to regain the functionality of her foot and leg. We also worked together on using the power of positive thinking to see if we could bring about an ability to walk that she had never had before.


After several months Wendy began to walk without a brace. She had previously needed a brace to keep her foot stationary, but with regular foot adjustments and exercise her foot now does the work it was meant to do.


And now I'm a World Champion Triathlete!


George came to see in me in early 2007 with back pain and stiffness of the lumber region (low back). He had been sleeping on his stomach for years and had a loss of curvature and a major subluxation in the lumber vertebrae.


With consistent adjustments and a mental focus on letting go of pain he soon discovered that he is an incredible athlete. George feels it was his work in this pain relief clinic that brought him to the place where he was willing and able to actualize the training. It changed his life. George won 1st Place in his age group in the XTerra World Championships in Hawaii 2010!


Another piece of work I did with George was with his right foot that prevented him from running properly and training at full power. He had seen other practitioners for this but the adjustments to the foot with me were remarkable and allowed  him to be at full throttle and place often in 1st or 2nd in his racing thus helping him qualify for world champion competitions.

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