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New Patient Orientation and Seven Ways of Health


Chiropractic work is enhanced and supported by a whole-body approach to wellness. I have seen remarkable healings that resulted from commitments to regular exercise, good nutrition and a positive attitude.


This is why after becoming a new patient you will be invited to New Patient Orientation where we will cover what I call the Seven Ways of Health.


The Seven Ways of Health - to achieve the wellness you strive for


1) Healthy Nervous System

The nervous system regulates the entire body and allows us to self heal. This step to health is what you are undertaking when you commit to chiropractic care.


2) Posture and Ergonomics

Not only will you look better and feel better but good ergonomics are the foundation to a healthy curvature in the spine and healthy joint movements. Once you embark on the chiropractic work you will want to assess your work station, pillows, and car seat to make sure your daily positions are supporting the work you have begun. Learn more about Ergonomics.


3) Exercise

Dr. Joseph will give you specific exercises that will help you to regain functionality. These exercises are crucial to helping you to sustain the work that you and the doctor do together. Find more on Exercise.


4) Nutrition

We'll ask you to engage in a whole body approach to your health. Good nutrition support all the organs and tissues in the body. Learn more about Nutrition.


5) Hydration

Hydration provides you healthier skin, greater electrolyte balance and better flexibility. Like oxygen, water flows through the body bringing muscles, organs and tissues refreshing nourishment that helps them to thrive.


6) Rest

All healing requires rest, tissues and organs regenerate while the spirit and energy get revitalized. After adjustments certain areas of your body will be surprised because they have become habituated to their misaligned position. Therefore, a bit of rest can help your body assimilate the new positioning being asked of them.  



7) Positive Mental Attitude

Last but not least, your thoughts dictate your results, focus on the positive. Know you are meant to be healthy, happy and fulfilled and you will find great success in your work here.


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