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Common problems that are helped by chiropractic


Chiropractic care can address much more than back or neck pain. I have helped people with chronic migraines, repetitive stress injuries, scoliosis, ADHD, lack of balance, fibromyagia,



"I missed work today, because my head hurt so much."

"My head is pounding, I am frustrated and angry. Please make my headache go away."


Does this sound familiar?

I have worked with numerous people who have suffered for years and it gives me great joy when I see them relieved of these problems.


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Just start with this -- a developmental Scoliosis --that is-- one that the child is NOT born with, can be cured by gentle precise and skilled treatment if the practitioner is trained in this -- by effecting the growth pattern to be symmetrical and more flexible.!! Dr Michael


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Kids and Chiropractic


"I witnessed my 12 year old son's spinal curvature corrected before my very eyes".

· Children may have undiagnosed misalignments.

· These misalignments can come from an assortment of minor injuries related to what is usually considered normal behavior for children: poor posture, playing or sitting.

· These misalignments may not be treated properly because the child appears to be so resilient that the effects of the misalignment can seem to disappear. 

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