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Areas of the Body that give us the most Pain.

Head, Neck, Back

We have all experienced head, neck and back pain. However we don't always know whether repetitive pains are due to a musculoskeletal injury, misalignment or unrelated causes.


Today most people spend much of their time looking down at electronic devices. This explains why a vast majority of spines I evaluate have completely lost their curve and have started at least the first phase of degeneration.


Cervical spine subluxations are the root cause of innumerable problems, from head-aches, to "foggy-brain", insomnia, hand and arm pains, lack of clear eye-sight and more.


Legs, Knees & Feet

The lower extremity is vastly important because if it goes out of alignment, walking may be problematic later. Our bodies depend on walking for a variety of functions such as good lymphatic flow.


Many people have foot problems. If the foot is misaligned, what do you think will happen to it? Have it checked and know for sure.

It is well know in the medical and chiropractic community, that the nerve flow to the leg/knee/foot comes from the lower back. If this is pinched off the leg may never heal properly. 

Arms, Shoulder, Hands

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body and very susceptable to injuries and misalignments.


The hand can be injured very easily because of the number of joints it has.


The shoulder, arms and hands can all be affected from compressed nerve flow of the 3 nerves that run from the cervical spine, through the shoulder girdle and down the arms. These nerve flow issues can look like or result in repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel.

Back problems

Originally,  humans were designed to be in motion through much of the day. Our backs are designed to be maintained by that appropriate type of natural exercise. Today, we do not benefit as much from the natural back restorative properties of work that is good for our backs and bodies. Instead, we do things that challenge our backs. Things like sitting at desks, talking on the phone, operating computers or even watching TV at home. None of these things are very good for our back. Driving or operating machinery is usually non-optimal also. Even vacuuming can be stressful or worse.


Scientific Basis
The basis for therapy is simple. Erector spinae musculature are necessary for the frame to properly hold up the hips, torso, shoulder girdle, and neck against the forces of gravity. These muscles are are weakened by everyday living therefore causing a negative decline resulting in eventual back pain or worse. Strengthening these structures with the roman chair device will allow these muscles to do their job in keeping the body erect, strong and able to easily withstand the forces of life and gravity. Keeping us free of pain and suffering.

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